Facility Rental

From 25 to 450 guests, we are able to accommodate your function!


Main Hall up to 300 guests $300.00 (food is extra)

Meeting Rooms        

up to 75 guests (each room)

$100.00 each room (food is extra)

  Meeting rooms are accessed through folding doors that open to extend the main hall.  

 Bar Charges 
(for all functions)

Corkage Includes bartenders, mix, ice, small stem wine glasses and punch bowl. $4.50 per person
Punch Supplied by St. Gerard's $40.00 per bowl
Bar Ticket Seller Renter may supply own bar ticket seller of legal age. $75.00
  Extra Accessories  
Skirt rentals $5.00 per table
Linen tablecloths $6.00 per table
Linen napkins $0.75 per person
Multimedia system $100.00
Archway $30.00
Flip charts $10.00 each
Wireless internet available upon request  


*Prices to change without notice



Society of composers, authors and music publishers of Canada
Head office: 41 Valley Drive, Don Mills, Ontario M3B 2S6
Phone: 416-445-8700

Supplement: Canada Gazette Part 1, August 13, 1994. Tariff No. 8

“Receptions, conventions, assemblies and fashion shows. 
For a license to perform any or all of the works in respect of which SOCAN is empowered to grant a license where the performances have not been contracted for a license of SOCAN, the operator of the premise shall pay in advance with respect to each event at such reception, convention or assembly or for each day on which such fashion show is held, as follows: 

  • without dancing $31.70  (100-300), $22.06 (1-100)
  • with dancing       $63.48  (100-300), $44.13 (1-100)

SOCAN shall have the right to examine the books and records of account of any license under this tariff item by a duly authorized representative or agent at any time during customary business hours, to verify any and all statements rendered and the fee payable by the licensee.
Montreal: 514-844-8377 Vancouver: 604-669-5569 Edmonton: 403-468-0905


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