Youth Choir Program


Fostering youth musicianship,

integration into the parish music ministry,

and authentic involvement in the community’s prayer.



The goal of the Youth Choir program is to teach the language of music and artistic expression within the context of a Catholic Christian community of faith, which includes active and regular participation in church liturgies.

Participants in the Youth Choir program are actively involved in the spiritual and liturgical life of the church.  They serve as ministers of music throughout the year at the 11am Mass on the third Sunday of the month.

Youth Choir members love to sing and are eager to serve the Lord. 

Youth Choir members are in Grade 3 and up.


The Youth Choir program is committed to serving the Lord; and fostering musicianship, knowledgeable participation in liturgy and an active prayer life.

It includes ongoing music theory, ear training and sight singing; fundamentals of liturgy; and involvement in the prayer life of the community.


The objective of the Youth Choir program at St. Gerard Church is best summed up b y Ruth Krehbiel Jacobs, founder of the National Choristers Guild (USA):


Training the worship attitude of our children is like tending a rare plant.  The seed must first be planted and soil kept in a condition that encourages growth.  Once the seed has been planted, it requires patient care until it reaches full flower.  When it does put forth a bud, fragrant with the richness of true worship, we may be humbly grateful for the privilege of having been the gardeners.



The Youth Choir rehearses in the church every Monday and Friday from 4:00 pm to 5:15 pm from September to June and from 5:00 pm to 6:15 pm during July & August.

During the week of a holiday Monday, rehearsal may be moved to Tuesday (notification of change to rehearsal day will be sent out a week in advance, and will be noted in the Sunday bulletin).

Regular attendance is expected. 


The Youth Choir ministers the third Sunday of the month at the 11am Mass.


Parents are a vital part of the Youth Choir program. 

You are always welcome to observe rehearsal. 

Helping hands are always needed for projects and programs.  Please note the volunteer opportunities in this brochure.  Select those that you are interested in or are able to do, detach the form and return it at choir rehearsal.

As the program includes a snack time for the choristers, all families are asked to provide snacks on a rotational basis.

Each month a calendar will be sent home with your child, enabling you to commit to a particular task once you compare the dates to your schedule.  Calendars are to be returned prior to the last Friday rehearsal of the month.

There are no fees for this program.


As the Youth Choir members progress in musicianship and liturgical knowledge, they are assigned roles of responsibility.

Some choristers will help younger children prepare, while others may eventually serve as cantors at liturgy or as assistants to the director during rehearsals and during the liturgy.

Youth are always welcome to try out the choir throughout the year.  Please contact the Parent Liaison for more information.


The St. Gerard Youth Choir Director is Sandra Archer.

The Parent Liaison is Jenny Baraoidan.