Parish Pastoral Council

The Parish Pastoral Council is presided over by the parish priest, Christ's faithful, together with those who by virtue of their office are engaged in pastoral care in the parish, give their help in fostering pastoral action. (CIC 536)

Further to Canon 536, the Pastoral Council has only a consultative vote, and is regulated by the norms laid down by the diocesan Bishop.

In addition to the elected positions, there is also voting representatives from the Catholic Women's League and the Knights of Columbus No. 2031.

Members of the 2019-2020 St. Gerard Parish Pastoral Council are as follows:

Chairperson   Ernie Bobowski
Vice-chairperson   Wayne Exner
Secretary   Jenny Baraoidan
Liturgy Committee   Yvonne Turgeon
    Carol Deters
Religious Education Committee   Rene & Ophelia Adane
Social Justice Committee   Mark Bell
Community Life Committee   Maureen Pankoski
Public Relations Committee   Vacant
Family & Social Committee   Vacant
Youth Committee   Melinda Sevilla
Ecumenical Committee   Carm Molnar

Stewardship Committee

Catholic Women's League   Paulette Cooper
Knights of Columbus   Jeff Krasowski

Parish Finance Council

The Finance Council helps the parish priest in the administration of the goods of the parish, without prejudice to Canon 532.  It is ruled by the universal law and by the norms laid down by the diocesan Bishop, and it is comprised of members of the faithful selected according to these norms. (CIC 537)

Members of the 2017-2018 St. Gerard Finance Council are as follows:

Chairperson   Brian Kruger
Hall Committee   Lorne Wanner
Properties Committee   Vacant
Members at Large   Con Rodney
    Richard Dubois
    Dwight Guy